The Historical 1890s Welby Manor

The Welby Manor (ca. 1890) is located in front of the Welby Business Park complex.  As the Welby community has transformed over the years from an agricultural area to a more mixed-use Denver suburb, many offices and warehouse spaces now call Welby home.  With the construction of Welby Business Park, we aim to showcase the beauty and history of the historical manor and preserve its ties to the community.  Our company and family (also in Welby since the late 1800s!) are very committed to this area and represent stability, history, community and business strength and convey those ideals through the Welby Business Park development.  

Our Vision

We think it’ll be a great contrast to have this home and the new modern buildings of Welby Business Park, together.  Our plan is to incorporate heavy landscaping along York St. and the house.  We want to do our part to beatify the area. 


If you have any information regarding the Welby Manor, otherwise known as the Old 1890s House on York St., or have any stories about the families that have lived there, please contact Melissa LaRusso at 303-912-1461 or .  

Restoration of the Welby Manor

Welby Business Park, LLC has completed the exterior restoration of the Welby Manor.  The restoration items completed to date are:  

  1. A new roof has been installed.
  2. The gutter system has been repaired and downspouts have been added to minimize water damage to the home.
  3. Paint that was covering the brick has been removed. 
  4. The intricate wood work around the eves, windows and the porch have been restored and painted.
  5. Broken windows have been replaced.  
  6. The decking on the front porch has been replaced and a new porch railing has been installed.
  7. The shed on the rear of the house, which was not originally part of the structure has been removed.  

We are very dedicated to the restoration process and will be working with the Welby Historical Society and Adams County to obtain grants and financial support. The Welby Manor still needs a substantial amount of restoration on the interior. 

If you would like to donate to help restore & preserve one of the oldest homes in Welby, please contact Melissa LaRusso at 303-912-1461 or